Cantina Cabernet Sauvignon 28 Bottle Wine Kit

Cantina Cabernet Sauvignon 28 Bottle Wine Kit
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3.5 average, based on 2 reviews

Truly a "super" Tuscan, this wine has cassis and plum flavours with mineral hints and is superbly structured, with ripe tannins and a lingering finish

Ready to drink in just 5 days!

Everything you need is already in the box - just add water to make 21 litres of high quality Italian wine.

• Wine ready to drink in only 5 days!
• Makes 21 litres of home made wine!
• Sugar included - just add water!

The wine making kits in our Cantina 5-day series are produced from Italian quality grape juices. Our supplies of grapes come from the northern Italian regions of Emilia and Tuscany. We prefer northern Italian grapes to the more common southern ones from Spain or south Italy. The reason is that the cooler climate tends to produce higher quality grapes, with a more clean and complex wine as the result.

With the help of a recently developed, highly specialized yeast/nutrient mix we are here able to ferment a wine in 4 days only (the 5th is used for clearing) and still retaining most of the grape qualities. During the development of this winekit we found that the using high quality grape concentrate becomes more important the faster the fermentation. For a 4-day fermentation, only a few European concentrates will work well.

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Customer Reviews

Average Rating: 3.5

Big letdown

The first and last time I'll use this kit. The acidity was amazingly below par at pH 4.9 and the sugar level only enough to produce an abv below 10%. The colour was a bit suspicious too. Having adjusted the acidity, sugar level and colour (by adding extra concentrate and tartaric acid, (at extra cost) it took 9 days to complete, resulting in 18.5 litres of rather rough wine. After 2 weeks, it didn't taste any better, but will hopefully improve in time. I was particularly concerned about the very low acidity, as no genuine grape juice can possibly be that low, and the unusual colour, which looked somewhat artificial to me. I contacted the manufacturer who said they would test the batch, but after 3 weeks, I have still not heard back from them. (Feb 19 2014, 13:15 PM)

very drinkable

Dark, fruity, melow. Very easy and quick to brew.
As good as an expensive commercial bottle.
(Jun 22 2011, 18:57 PM)
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