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Chinook Hop Pellets 100g

Chinook Hop Pellets 100g


We’re excited that Chinook hops are now grown on British farms. It is a reasonably hardy hop, perfect for the British weather. It provides a mix of spicy, grapefruit, pine and pineapple aromas to your beer.

Chinook is a dual purpose hop that is good for the beginning of the boil but really shines in the middle. This hop is excellent for American-style craft beers including pale ales and IPAs, however, this lovely little hop also lends itself to seasonal ales, stouts, porters and barley wines. It does have a hefty and distinctive aroma with a lovely spicy bouquet that many craft brew fans can recognise instantly. There are also some beautiful tones of herbs and pine in a fresh batch. 
All of this adds up to a craft brewer’s dream hop! It is wonderfully versatile and creates some stunning beers. It is also a joy to brew with. The fact that it can be added into any part of the boil and bring a fresh and exciting taste is a thing of much amazement. Craft brewers continue to use Chinook because they can craft many fantastic tasting beers from one hop just by changing their timings. 

  • Alpha Acids: 8-13%
  • Beta Acids: 3-4%
  • Aroma Profile: Pineapple, Grapefruit, Pine, Spicy
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Greatest company ever

I am deaf yesterday I couldn’t get through so I phoned hoping to try and get my order in poor Sam spent more than 10 min trying to sort me out I am 80yrs young but he managed to get my order and also wrote a note explains how I can order in future it truly is a wonderful company and delivered 24 hrs later thank you all so muchx (29 Nov 2023, 13:37)


Ordered on Wednesday afternoon was delivered today Friday am fantastic service many thanks Reg (3 Dec 2021, 13:45)

The best there is

Good products, good delivery and great service. Never had a problem used them for over 2 years. (21 Jul 2022, 16:13)


Friendly, efficient service with ultrafast delivery and competitive prices. Thanks Sam (25 Feb 2023, 10:34)

Excellent Company

I have been with this Company for many Years
and 99.9% everything was always fine. If something goes wrong they sort you out straight away.
Thank you
Michael Walther
(2 Jun 2023, 13:47)

Excellent service

Never let me down. Fantastic service, extremely friendly and knowledgeable. Brilliant during lockdown ( and before). Drive from
North Nottinghamshire to Derbyshire every time rather than buy on internet, well worth it. Thanks guys.
(13 Apr 2021, 20:44)

Excellent service

Have used this company for quite a few years now. Great products and very efficient service and delivery. Wouldn't go anywhere else.
(2 Aug 2023, 09:15)

Creative wine making

We have been customers of creative winemaking for years never had a bad wine and so pleasant to phone and deliveries (27 Feb 2022, 12:30)
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