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Electrim 75 Immersion Heater

Electrim 75 Immersion Heater


Homebrew immersion heater for stable fermenting temperatures.˜ Adjustable thermostat for accurate control of your brew.˜ Suitable for all sizes of fermenting vessel up to 25 litres, and can be used in glass or plastic containers.˜ Standard size rubber bung with airlock hole.˜ 230 volts 100 watts. The heater comes factory˜set to 24 deg C, and can be adjusted by the user˜from 14-34 deg C.

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Excellent service

Never let me down. Fantastic service, extremely friendly and knowledgeable. Brilliant during lockdown ( and before). Drive from
North Nottinghamshire to Derbyshire every time rather than buy on internet, well worth it. Thanks guys.
(Apr 13 2021, 20:44 PM)

Superb flavour

An excellent company and fast delivery, very well stocked (Apr 13 2021, 13:44 PM)

Always a Prompt Service

Great reliable company. Fast mail out and painless to deal with. (Apr 21 2021, 18:07 PM)

Simply superb

Absolutely awesome company with epic customer service and quality products. Never disappointed once , and they kept us all afloat during lockdown with their sterling efforts (Apr 13 2021, 14:56 PM)
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