Turbo 500 Still

Turbo 500 Still
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In our opinion the T500 is the finest piece of equipment we have seen for the small producer. The quality of the alcohol is exceptional. It still benefits with treatment through an Inline Filter. This increases the taste quality and removes further impurities.

The main reason for the exceptional quality is the water flow is controlled at all points. It’s therefore essential to get a controlled water supply into the column. This is why a tap connector is used. The connector should be fitted to a tap with a screw thread or one with an aerator (after the aerator disc has been removed). Alternatively, you can purchase a 20mm BSP adapter for the flow controller which will allow you to connect it to a washing machine fitting or tap with an external (male) thread. If this can't be done we can supply a rubber end as a final option. This needs to be ordered separately. As we said earlier, the reason the quality is so good is that we fully control the outlet water temperature by careful restriction of the water flow.


  • Produces 95% yield at 93% purity.
  • Easy to use.
  • Stops producing when alcohol exhausted.
  • The ultimate home distillation unit.

T500 Boiler Features

  • Faucet Adapter for ease of water flow adjustment.
  • 25 litre boiler with 2kw integrated element.
  • Boil dry reset.
  • Thermal cut out fuse.
  • Waste discharge tap.

In the T500 Column Box

  • T500 Copper Condenser Column (Pre-packed with stainless steel & copper saddles)
  • Digital water outlet probe (thermometer) & bracket
  • Stainless steel water flow controller valve
  • 20mm BSP adapter for water flow controller valve
  • 20mm BSP to Hozelock style pushfit connector
  • Distilling conditioner 50mm
  • Ceramic boil enhancer 30g
  • Water hoses (inlet and outlet) and spirit output hose

Further Information

Extracting Essential Oils: The T500 can also be used for the creation of Essential Oils. If you would like to learn more please see the 'Guides & Videos' above.


Power usage: 2000W

This product bears the CE marking and conforms to the EU Directives

Customer Reviews

Average Rating: 5

owner distillery in Aruba

I have 25 units in my distillery to make fine alcohol products. Best results ever on my signature line of dragon fruit liquor, watermelon brandy and my premium vodka. I have never observed any other small distillation apparatus that gives me the flavor of these little machines. They are not ultra fast but they give excellent taste and results. (Jan 26 2017, 00:34 AM)
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