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Buon Vino Super Jet Filter

Buon Vino Super Jet Filter


We always recommend that the wine is cleared first with some sort of finings. The idea with a filter is add a clarity and polish. The clearing should be done first.
We love the mini jet for its ease of use and convenience but it has its limitations. One batch (23litres) through one set of pads (three in a set) maybe two batches if you are lucky. The wine goes through in about 15 minutes, and comes out with a brilliant shine.
With the Super Jet we find that we can filter 4 by 23litre batches using one set (there are 3 pads as well) of fine pads.
If it’s really clear we can get up to 6 lots through.
The back pressure did rise, but as the Super Jet is fitted with a pressure gauge you can monitor this. 18 psi on the gauge being the recommended limit.
There are three different sets of pads available Course (suggested almost as a pretreatment) fine (which we tend to use all the time) and Sterile (for removing stubborn hazes). Each pack has three pads in it.
The inlet tube has an anti-sediment end so if there are small amounts of deposit in the bottom of the container this won’t come through initially and block the pads. It also has a metal wire in it to prevent it kinking.
Nothing to stop you using this filter for beer or other liquids you want a clear polish to.
It’s important to make sure Starch and Pectin are treated before filtering as these can prove to be really stubborn to remove.
Have a good look at their web site for more details on their filters and handy tips for use. www.buonvino.com
Self-priming pump with electric motor (sometimes you will need to suck the outlet tube to get it going but on most occasions this is not necessary).

Filtering surface 1200 square cm.
Filtering time of about 1 hour per 270 litres.
Filter dimensions 49cm (length) by 26cm (width) by 46cm (height).
Overall weight 13 kg.

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Cellar 7. Shiraz wine kit.

Have used Creative Wine Making web site for a number of years and found the products and delivery very good. (May 18 2021, 16:18 PM)

Superb flavour

An excellent company and fast delivery, very well stocked (Apr 13 2021, 13:44 PM)

Excellent customer service

When into store backend of lockdown looking to upgrade my air still to the T500 wanted advice before taking the plunge. Both the guys on the counter was so helpful and went through everything that I needed. This store is about 30 miles away from me and I have to pass at least 2 other shops but it’s worth the hour trip each way. Keep up the service making your customers feel valued 10/10 (May 16 2021, 18:22 PM)

Simply superb

Absolutely awesome company with epic customer service and quality products. Never disappointed once , and they kept us all afloat during lockdown with their sterling efforts (Apr 13 2021, 14:56 PM)

Excellent service

Never let me down. Fantastic service, extremely friendly and knowledgeable. Brilliant during lockdown ( and before). Drive from
North Nottinghamshire to Derbyshire every time rather than buy on internet, well worth it. Thanks guys.
(Apr 13 2021, 20:44 PM)

Always a Prompt Service

Great reliable company. Fast mail out and painless to deal with. (Apr 21 2021, 18:07 PM)

Easy to deal with

I am really impressed by the range on offer and the reasonable prices, originally purchased my supplies from Amazon but Creative Wine Making beats them on all counts. (May 14 2021, 20:06 PM)
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